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Integrity, Diligence and Professionalism

Hanacos Co., Ltd. aims to realize passion and trust in marketing.
Our management policy pursues integrity, diligence and professionalism to constantly provide our customers with quality service. We think highly of actions instead of words and strive to excel in the market with advanced technology, passion and trust.

The products of Hanacos Co., Ltd. have our soul in them.
We don’t produce any indistinctive standardized ready-made goods. We produce soulful products that attract customer’s choice with expectation. Our executives and staff members value our customer’s needs- innovative but safe products.
All our executives and staff members are making their best efforts to satisfy our customers.

R&D of Hanacos Co.,Ltd. is striving to reach the top of basic science for cosmetics.
Hanacos is always fully supporting its R&D to produce innovative products. Our researchers are focusing on basic science to develop better raw material as well. The headquarter office of Hanacos Co., Ltd. is located in Gangwon-Do, the cleanest area in Korea. Hanacos uses the water for manufacturing cosmetic products following strict purifying process.

Hanacos Co., Ltd. has gained high acknowledgement from domestic and foreign market in product quality and technology.
Hanacos Co., Ltd. takes pride itself in excellent quality control. In 2002, Hanacos Co., Ltd. was selected as quality management excellent company by Seoul KFDA and certified for Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) by Korea Cosmetic Association in 2017. Hanacos Co., Ltd. has the certification of ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 22716:2007. We have exported our products to many countries including Japan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Russia, Middle Eastern countries, Central and South American countries and many others with favorable reviews. Our executives and staff members will continue to do our best to take a leap to be the leading cosmetic company in the world.

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