Manufacturing Facilities

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Raw Material Storage Room
All the raw materials are stored in seperate storage rooms at proper temperatures. Hanacos use only high quality raw-materials through careful inspection and test based on ICID. Hanacos Quality Assurance System allows manufacturing only after strict raw materials testing.

Purified Water System
Hanacos is located in Gangwon-Do at an altitude of 650M. Gangwon-Do is the cleanest area in Korea with clean air, abundant natural water and dens forest. Hanacos pulls up natural water from 250M underground and uses the water for manufacturing cosmetic products following strict purifying process with MEMBRANE FILTER.

Purified Water Process
ㆍnatural water → A.C Filter → Softener → R/O Membrane → EDI → Filterated water circulating system

Packaging Colored cosmetic Skin Care
Equipment Name Quantity Equipment Name Volume Equipment Name Volume
Cream Filling Machine 4 Henschel Mixer 3L Vacummed Homer Mixer 50L
Multi Cell Filling & Capping Machine 1 Henschel Mixer 50L Vacummed Homer Mixer 80L
Oil Filling Machine 2 Henschel Mixer 200L Vacummed Homer Mixer 100L
Automatic Powder Filling Machine 1 Henschel Mixer 300L Agi Ultra Mixer 300L
Maskpack filling & Sealing Machine 1 Atomizer 50L Agi Ultra Mixer 500L
Tube filling & Sealing Machine 4 Atomizer 200L Agi Ultra Mixer 1000L
Lipstick Filling Machine 3 Atomizer 300L Skin Toner manufacturing Mixer 1000L
Automatic Lipstick Filling Machine 1 Three-stage Roller 5 inch Shampoo Mixer 1000L
Powder Press Machine 3 Three-stage Roller 12 inch
Conveyer Belt (10m) 2 Three-stage Roller 14 inch
Conveyer Belt (15m) 3 Mascara Emulsification Mixer 50L
Conveyer Belt (5~8m) 3 Foundation Emulsification Mixer 100L
Inkjet Printer 7 Lip Products Emulsification Mixer 50L×3ea
Rotary Pump 5 Skin cover Emulsification Mixer 50L×3ea
Contractile Film Machine 4
Induction Sealing Machine 1