Storage / Distribution System

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Storage / Distribution System

HANACOS Storag / Distribution System
The Storage / Distribution System of Hanacos Co., Ltd. aims to increase product quality by perfect material inspection, storage and inventory control. Materials are classified as containers, display label and packing materials and are warehoused only after thorough inspection. Then Hanacos Co., Ltd. goes into production with the materials after required tests.

Check list
1) Material name, quantities
2) Damage, contamination
3) Print condition, color

Materials storage
Hanacos Co., Ltd. controls materials based on correct classification so that only the tested materials are put into production line.
1) Materials are precisely classified by their usage, customers and products.
2) Materials are stored and controlled based on first-in, first-out method.
3) Each material is stored in a separated room with humidity control or air conditioning facilities by material type.
4) Storage system is fully equipped with insect-proof and against hot weather.
5) QC staff members check material condition every day for best quality control.

Materials release
Materials are released based on first-in, first out method and with precise confirmation of quantities, dimension and acceptance label.

Inventory control
QC staff members check inventory lists every day. Quality Assurance Team controls to prevent defective materials from production lines.