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Hanacos Quality Assurance System controls whole manufacturing lines from analyzing raw material to final product check by thorough inspection so that it can guarantee excellent product quality. Hanacos utilizes up-to-date equipments for various required tests.

Raw material Quality Assurance System
Hanacos uses raw material based on Cosmetic Ingredients Standard by KFDA, Korean Pharmacopoeia and International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary. Hanacos conducts color, fragrance, micro organism and many other required tests for the ingredients in order to keep high raw material quality and product stability.

Packing material Quality Assurance System
Hanacos conducts required tests for every material. Hanacos aims to reduce defect rate of materials by conducting appearance and functional tests based on standard samples.

Semi-final product Quality Assurance System
Hanacos conducts required tests including ingredient composition for functional cosmetics, maximum limit of ingredients regulated by Raw Material Regulations before producing final products to secure product stability and suitability. The required tests include ultimate endurance test and change on standing test.

   ① Micro organism test
    Hanacos conducts virus and micro organism test to guarantee high product stability.
    Hanacos Quality Assurance System aims to minimize cross contamination and be detected no micro organism.

   ② Heavy metal test
    Hanacos utilizes ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) Spectrometer for conducting lead, arsenic,
    antimony and cadmium test.

Final product Quality Assurance System
Hanacos conducts comparing test with standard products at packaging lines and final sampling test before delivery to minimize defect rate and guarantee high product quality.